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 The Wyndemere Country Club FAQ

        Q : What facilities does the Wyndemere Country Club offer?

        A : Club facilities include:

                                • Twenty-seven challenging golf holes designed by Arthur Hills.

                                • Twelve Har-Tru tennis courts—four lighted for night play.

                                • Staffed Fitness center with adjoining men’s and ladies’ spas and locker rooms.

Note:  New Fitness Center coming.... Construction begins in April 2004 and will be completed by December 31, 2004.

                                • Casual dining in the warm and friendly Tiebreaker and Grille rooms.

                                • Elegant dining, dancing and cocktails in the Vista and Wyndemere dining rooms and the Tom & Gerry’s lounge.

                                • Heated Swimming pool and outdoor spa.


        Q : How are operations of the Club conducted?

        A : The day-to-day operations of the Club are conducted by the General Manager who reports to the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the Club Bylaws and general oversight of the Club, functioning through a number of committees. Any amendments to the Bylaws approved by the Board must be ratified by the members.


        Q : What is the composition of the Board of Directors and how is it selected?

        A :  The Board consists of nine directors, each serving a three-year term. Yearly, three new directors are elected by the members at the Annual Meeting.


        Q : What is the maximum number of golf members allowed ?

A :  The number of golf members is limited to 510 Full Golf, 12 Limited Golf, 25 Non-Resident      Golf, and 28 Non-Resident Founder memberships that will not be reissued.



        Q : What are the privileges of each membership classification?

        A : Full Golf members(resident & non-resident) are entitled to use all of the facilities of the Club. Limited Golf memberships are issued when there is a waitlist for a full golf membership to become available. At the time a Full Golf membership becomes available an upgrade will occur. Limited Golf members are entitled to the use all facilities except that, in season, they may use the golf facilities only after noon. Social members are entitled to use all of the pool, dining and social facilities of the Club year round and may use the golf facilities in the off-season.


        Q : Will members of my family be entitled to use my membership privileges?

        A : Yes. The member’s immediate family is entitled to use the Club facilities in accordance with the particular membership classification of the member. The immediate family of the member includes the spouse and their unmarried children under the age of twenty-five living at home or attending school on a full-time basis.


        Q : Will my spouse be entitled to my membership upon my death?

        A : Yes. Upon your death, your spouse may continue as a member without payment of any additional membership initiation contribution.


        Q : Will my guests be able to use the facilities of the Club?

        A : Yes. Members are entitled to have guests use the Club facilities in accordance          with the Club rules pertaining to guests. A member is required to pay the applicable daily fees and charges for their guests.


        Q : Can members be assessed for capital improvements?

        A : Assessments of more than $500 annually may be levied only by an affirmative vote of the members.


        Q : Can a membership be purchased by a corporation or a trust?

        A : Yes. A corporation or a trust owning a residence may purchase a Club membership. The organization will be required to designate one individual as the member who will have the rights to use the facilities of the Club. 


        Q : Other than the Club, am I required to join any other organizations?

        A : Residents of Wyndemere will be required to join a neighborhood association and the Master Homeowners Association.


        Q : What are the fees for membership in these associations?

        A : The dues for the neighborhood associations currently vary from $982 to $1,787 per quarter, depending upon the neighborhood in which you live. The dues for the Master Homeowners Association are included in the above figure.


        Q : What services do I receive for these dues?

        A : Association dues are generally for managing and maintaining the common property, lawn maintenance, horticulture service, road, drainage, street lights, privacy gate and the master irrigation system.


        Q : What are my voting rights?

        A : Each neighborhood has elected directors who are responsible for the management of their affairs. Each neighborhood selects one of its members to represent it on the Board of Governors of the Master Association.Voting rights and procedures are described in the bylaws of each neighborhood association and the Master Association Bylaws.


       Q : What restrictions apply to the use of my home?

        A : A home may only be used as a private single family residence.


        Q : Is it permissible to lease my home?

        A :  Yes. Your home may be rented or leased, and your Club membership may be transferred to the lessee twice a year for a fee. During the period of the lease, you surrender your Club privileges but you retain responsibility for your dues, the lessee’s adherence to Club rules and for any unpaid charges.


        This document is provided for informational purposes only and shoukld not be relied on as a basis for a decision to acquire a residence in the Wyndemere community or a membership in the Wyndemere Country Club.


2004 Membership Options:


Category Dues


Option 1       Resident & Non-Resident

Golf:               $72,000 (75% equity)*                $7,100*


Option 2        Resident & Non-Resident

Golf:               $50,000 (40% equity)*               $7,100*


Option 3        Resident & Non-Resident        

Golf:               $36,000 (no equity)*                   $7,100*     


Ø Golf Memberships include all amenities                                 

Ø Ask about our payment plan for Golf Memberships


Resident Social  “New”  $15,000 (no equity)*           $3,550*

Includes tennis, fitness, dining and off season golf (May 1- Oct. 31)


Non-Resident Social “New” $15,000 (no equity)*                $3,550*

Includes tennis, fitness & dining- no golf


(All categories have a Food & Beverage Minimum of $1,200 per year)


(All categories are required to pay a $6,000 capital improvement assessment) – call Cheri to get more information.


*Subject to change


Contact Cheri Knapp, Membership Director for more information at:  239-643-6336 - direct


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