Selling Your Home

You've decided to sell your home. Choosing a real estate professional to help guide you through the selling process is an important decision. It could make the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

To sell your home, you'll need more than ads and signs. You need a proven strategy for attracting the best buyer to your home.

The best possible price for your home...
with the most favorable terms...
in the shortest period of time...
with the least inconvenience to you.

For assistance in selling your home, E-Mail Bill, or call anytime at (239)489-3994.

I can offer you a thorough approach to selling your home that helps bring the right buyers to you. I will develop a systematic process that will help you to obtain the best possible price for your home with the most favorable terms in the shortest period of time with the least inconvenience to you.

I have a 6/4/2 variable commission scale that you could possibily sell you home and receive full Realtor® services and pay only a 2 % total commission
Full Realtor® services would include writing and negotiating the contracts, listing the property in the Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers area wide MLS, on internet web sites, print advertising, yard sign if OK, doing open houses, arranging for the inspections, showing the property to prequalified buyers, attending the closing and etc.

You decide what service you need and we will discuss a reasonable fee that we can agree to.

Just Call me at (239)489-3994 or
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purplebaThings to consider

When you choose a sales associate or a professional Realtor® like me, you're actually hiring that person to sell your home -- so consider several qualities carefully.

Reputation of the real estate company
You'll want to list your home with an established firm, like Grande Cypress Realty, whose reputation will attract buyers.

The Realtor®
Realtors®are smart business people who specialize in residential real estate. He or she needs to know about the homes, neighborhoods and mortgage options available locally. And, your Realtor® should listen to you -- using the information you provide about your home to market it effectively.

The marketing approach
There's more to selling a home than placing a yard sign out front. As your Realtor® I will follow the principles of a sound marketing system that we agree upon that will be a thorough process combining your knowledge about your home with my real estate expertise, to get your home sold.

National and International Exposure
I have my own web page on the Internet where your property would be featured. You'll have direct access to out-of-town buyers -- and increase the size of your buyer pool. I receive inquires weekly from both national and international buyers.

Access to the multiple listing service (MLS)
For maximum visibility, your home should be listed on this computerized inventory of homes for sale in the area. I am a full member of the area MLS


alaskaHow to get the best possible price

The Comparative Market Analysis is an integral component of the marketing strategy. It helps you establish a realistic price range for your home -- and shows you how your goals determine the actual listing price.

Set the right price first
Setting the price too high may limit the number of buyers for your home -- and it may disappoint buyers in that price range who were expecting more house for their money. Setting the price too low may cause buyers to view your home with suspicion -- ultimately hurting your bottom line.

Consider the home's value
The value isn't based on the cost of construction or the amount you paid for it. It's determined by the market conditions and the willingness of a buyer to pay the price you ask.

Rely on your Realtor®.
I can guide you to a realistic asking price by using an analysis which evaluates everything from market conditions to neighborhood influences. You'll also be shown comparable homes in the market.

Don't wait for a best time to sell
Strong or weak market conditions, variables in financing and your schedule are all part of the selling equation. There really is no best time to sell your home.

Decide the room for negotiation
We need to determine an asking price. Often, a price about 5 percent over the fair market value gives you bargaining room.


purpleThings to Consider When Listing

A listing agreement is one of several types of contracts in which you hire a real estate firm to find a ready, willing and able buyer for your home in exchange for a set fee. The seller pays a fee regardless of who produces the buyer. This fee covers many important services that the Realtor® performs above and beyond finding a qualified buyer.

By listing your home in the multiple listing service as part of an exclusive listing you will have a majority of the area Realtors® and real estate agents trying to sell your home.


purpleWe need to gather the facts

Before the yard sign goes up, we must do some homework -and it makes all the difference.

Buyers want to know details; having the answers is a powerful sales tool. I will use the information you provide to answer questions, create an advantageous listing and create an exciting marketing campaign that targets the right kind of buyer.

I will need the following information:

The legal description of the property.

The number of rooms and their sizes.

A list of things not attached to the house that you're offering for sale, such as window treatments, carpet, fixtures, swing sets, etc.

Past utility bills, property taxes and insurance.

Information about your mortgage, including the type, terms and assumability.

Financing assistance, potentially through your own lender.

Any liens against the property.

If you live in a condominium or townhouse, include a copy of the association's declaration, bylaws, and financial statement, monthly fees and special assessments.

Special items or improvements about the house. (Point out things that may not be apparent on a walk-through.)

The positive points about your neighborhood, such as demographic information and proximity to services, shopping, schools and other areas.

Any defects that aren't apparent. You need to inform your Realtor® about defects so a buyer can be informed. Besides it's the law and the only fair and ethical.


purpleBright ideas for your home

People often buy homes on their feelings -- and if something about your home "feels" wrong, buyers will look elsewhere. There is the 1, 2, 3 rule that appears to be true. It goes like this. A buyer first comes in the door and looks for reasons "not" to buy the home. If they spot 3 things that justify the decision to not purchase the home their mind is shut off to anything positive.

You need to look at your home through the eyes of a buyer to increase its perceived value and marketability I can offer you countless ideas on sprucing up your home for potential buyers so that they will want to purchase your home.

Curb appeal -- first impressions count. (usually number 1 in the 1, 2, 3 rule)


1. A neat, tidy front lawn is important. Cut the grass, and trim the hedge and shrubs.

2. Plant extra flowers for color or put containers filled with blooming flowers near the front door.

3. Spruce up your landscaping with fresh or rearranged plantings.

4. Remove all dead limbs and debris. Rake the lawn, and sweep the sidewalk and driveway. Patch any holes.

5. Repair and paint or stain your fence.

6. Put away lawn equipment and arrange outdoor items neatly.

7. Clean, stain or paint your front door. Check to see if the garage or back doors need any work.

8. Paint window sashes, trim and shutters to freshen your home's exterior.

9. Replace faded house numbers with shiny new brass ones.

10. Repaint or replace an old mailbox.

11. Repaint, realign and clean out the gutters.

12. Check the roof, repairing or replacing shingles and flashing where needed.

13. Fix broken windows or screens.

14. Make sure the entry light and doorbell work.

15. Clean out the garage.

The interior -- uncluttered, spacious and neutral.


16. Clean thoroughly. Clean houses sell more easily than dirty ones.

17. Put high-intensity light bulbs in every lamp -- then turn them on to give your home a friendly glow.

18. Brighten things inexpensively with a fresh coat of paint in neutral, buyer-friendly shades.

19. Consider repainting woodwork instead of hanging new wallpaper.

20. Move out all your excess furniture to make rooms seem as spacious as possible.

21. Clean your closets to make them look bigger. Store off-season clothes, and get rid of the excess.

22. Hold a garage sale, and use the money for home improvement expenses.(Click on Garage Sale Hints & Tips hot link at the end of this page.)

23. Wash all windows and mirrors.

24. Have carpeting cleaned. If it's too worn, consider replacing it -- you may not entirely recover the cost, but your house may sell faster.

25. Launder or dry clean drapes and curtains as needed.

26. Clear small appliances, dish racks, and other items off kitchen counters to make counters look more spacious.

27. Clean and reorganize kitchen cabinets.

28. Clean the oven and all appliances, wiping up grease splatters and polishing chrome surfaces.

29. Put a plant or fresh flowers on the kitchen counter.

30. Polish and clean the tub, toilet and bathroom sink.

31. Clean tile grout, regrouting if necessary.

32. Buy a new shower curtain -- you can always take it with you when you move.

33. Put out fresh towels and new soap when the house is to be shown.

34. Clean the furnace and air conditioner. Turn on the one appropriate to the season to make your home comfortable.

35. Fix all the little things you've lived with -- like loose doorknobs, drawer pulls, towel racks, etc.

36. Tack down loose molding and glue any lifted wallpaper. Replace cracked switch plates.

37. Fix sticking doors and windows, squeaking doors and wobbly banisters.

38. Fix leaky faucets and remove water stains.

39. Spray for insects well in advance of an Open House, so the odor has time to clear.

The extras -- appealing to all the senses when showing your home.


40. Give your home a welcoming aroma: make fresh-baked bread or heat cinnamon sticks in water on the stove.

41. Clear out the kids, toys and board the pets.

42. Turn off the television, stereo and radio to eliminate distractions.

43. Turn on all your lights -- including the outside entrance light -- even in the daytime.

44. Put out your best towels and a nice tablecloth.

45. Don't be home during an Open House. Your absence will put buyers at ease and give them a chance to spend more time looking at your home.

46. Let me do the talking. I have been trained and have professional skills necessary to show your home in its best light.

47. Be polite but avoid conversations with prospective buyers. I need to command their attention.

48. Don't apologize for the appearance or condition of your home. You may draw attention to something the buyer overlooked.

49. Don't complicate the sale by tacking on drapes, furniture and rugs. I can discuss those with the buyer if it becomes appropriate.

50. Keep your home on the market, and let me show the house frequently.

51. Don't show your home to people who just drop by. They may not be qualified buyers and may even be burglars. Take their names and phone numbers and have me follow up.

52. Keep your home ready to be shown while it's on the market. Be prepared.

Garage Sale Hints & Tips

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