Mold remediation can cost $30,000

NEW YORK -- June 4, 2002 -- The cost of removing mold varies widely, depending on the mold type and the severity of the problem. But apartment owners can expect to spend $30,000 to rid a unit of toxic mold.


Molds produce allergens, irritants, and toxins, which can exacerbate illnesses that individuals already have, such as asthma and allergies, but in some instances, it can cause Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome -- mainly in agricultural and manufacturing settings -- and hypersensitivity pneumonitis -- where lung tissue becomes inflamed.


In general, however, molds remain a threat to those with existing chronic illnesses more than they do to the average person.


If mold appears on the interior of a building, it can easily be cleaned with bleach or cleanser, but if it lives inside the walls of an office or apartment building, it can contaminate air quality.


Remediation costs can be limited if mold growth is contained within the walls and has not reached the interior living space, but investigators need to take random air samples to determine the type and depth of mold infiltration. Once the mold species have been identified, a remediation plan can be developed, which would involve the correction of leaks and repairs to any structural components. If indoor air quality is minimally contaminated, the contents of the interior could be cleaned on-site, but if contamination is high, carpets and other elements may need to be removed and cleaned off-site.


It is not unusual for remediation to cost over $30,000 for a one-bedroom unit.