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Concerning The Golden Gate Estates
Everglades Restoration Project
And Other Envirnomential Issues.

2/5/03 -- Bush budget proposal doesn't include funds for new Everglades projects

2/4/03 -- Corps submits Everglades replumbing plan to federal officials

11/24/02 -- Everglades restoration: South Estates project could be funded next year

7/12/02 -- Raucous crowd sounds off on Estates water flow restoration plan

7/7/02 -- Growing pains in Southwest Florida

6/16/02 -- Commissioners to take final look at rural fringe growth plan

6/6/02 -- Environmental panel says get tougher than DCA on growth rules for rural fringe

5/16/02 -- Gov. Bush signs Everglades bill, affecting doc stamps and development approvals

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